Healthy Human Foods That Dogs Can Snack On

Many of us question whether or not our healthy “human” foods can be shared with our furry friends. The good news is there are some that can be! In fact, many higher-end dog food brands include these foods as ingredients in their formulas. Barring any specific allergies, dogs can generally digest these foods in small amounts and can be added to their dog food in moderation to enrich the flavor and add nutrients.


Plain cooked Pasta and rice Small amounts of cooked rice and pasta are perfectly OK for your pup! In fact, many experts suggest adding brown rice to a dog’s food to aid with digestion.


Plain, cooked Oatmeal is also acceptable for doggies to have, and can be used to make dog biscuits. rice


Carrots, Cucumber, Bell Peppers

These healthy human snacks often make their way into dogs’ foods, and some dogs will even enjoy eating them as treats! They are best given raw, fresh and chopped or grated into small pieces.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Steamed, plain broccoli and cauliflower are healthy for dogs just like they are for humans and human kids! brokley

Peanuts/Peanut Butter

A small scoop of peanut butter is healthy for your dog, and many owners used it as a treat or to give medication. Make sure it does not contain xylitol (an occasional peanut butter ingredient) and low/no sugar and unsalted is preferable.

Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes

These popular root vegetables can be added to dog food on a regular basis. Sweet Potatoes are especially good for digestion and can be a healthy source of calories for picky eaters


Banana and Apple

Bananas sliced fresh or frozen, can be a sweet and healthy treat for your fur baby. Apples sliced into chunks are a favorite of many pups, as is apple sauce added to dog food in small amounts. apple


In raw or plain, cooked form, pumpkin is a good source of vitamin A and fiber for dogs, and can be a healthy addition to their diet for improving digestion.

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