The Puppy Paradise Summer Leash Guide 2016

As a follow-up to our Summer Collar guide, have a look at the different kinds of leashes that are available for purchase, and what their best uses are. Are you looking to improve your dog’s behavior while walking? Are you in the market for a new leash? This information will be helpful to you!

Standard Leash

First, there is the standard leash, which is the most common leash at the pet store. We’re all familiar with these leashes, and you can often find dogs straining at these leashes to meet other dogs or people and sniff around. If your dog is experienced with walking and can walk comfortably next to you, either with a standard collar or specialty collar, then the standard leash will work perfectly. Find a leash that is made of sturdy material and feels comfortable on your hands in case you do have to pull once in a while. You will also want one that is a comfortable length. While most owners will use this kind of leash, there are other options available.


standard leashstandard leash 1








Double-Grip Leash/ Short Leash

For dogs that are still learning on the leash and require more correction, there are two helpful variations of the standard leash. One of these variations is the extra-short leash. This leash is essentially a leash handle that attaches to the dogs collar. It is a training tool to teach the dog to walk closely to you, and can be used in combination with a slip collar or martingale collar in training.

duople grip leashdouble leash on blag dog






The other option is the double-grip leash, which is a standard leash with an extra handle closer to the dog’s collar. This leash is a great option for an energetic dog that still requires correction or a large dog that needs two handles to control. Many owners find this kind of leash most comfortable for long walks.

red double leashblude double leash








Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes have an adjustable line, which allows your dog to decide how closely he will follow you. With the wrong dog in the wrong situation, these leashes can become troublesome. These leashes often give dogs too much leverage and allow them to control the walk. Retractable leashes have locking mechanisms, but if not it place, it can be a recipe for disaster, and grabbing at the extended line can cause burns on the dog and the owner. Though some owners with very calm or small dogs may be able to use this leash on occasion, it is generally not recommended.

retractable leashretractable leash1








Extra –Long Leashes

These leashes appear similar to the standard leash, but they are much longer, and can sometimes go over 20 feet. It must be noted that this kind of leash is a training tool, and should not be used for walks in busy areas or when other animals are around. Generally these leashes are only meant to be used in back yards or empty parks and beaches.

black long leashlong leash on dog







British Lead

The British lead can be and effective tool for teaching a beginner how to walk. This leash creates a loop around the dog’s neck that will tighten when pulled upon. This type of leash also comes in handy when having your dog in a group play scenario or another scenario when your dog is out in the yard and loose, since it can be easily slipped over the dog’s head and tightened for control. These work similarly to martingale collars and slip collars, and though not as common, may be useful for some owners.

British leashdog with british leash

Thank you for checking out our leash and collar guides! Our goal is to help you have the best and easiest walk possible with your dog. We hope that this information has been helpful to you and your fur baby! Keep a look out for more tips and guides in the Puppy Paradise Blog.


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