Hello! We’re so happy you’re here!

You are one step closer to providing your special furry family members with some fun and exciting times with a bunch of new furry friends!

But first, we have to conduct a temperament test to make sure this is the right environment for them… let’s get started!

Temperament Test : A free consultation will be provided prior to any daycare or boarding visits. This is how we get to know you and your dog, and how you get to know us. Once you are comfortable with the surroundings, you will leave your dog with us while we conduct a temperament test. This is a two-hour test where we test your pup out one by one starting off with the calmer dogs and work our way up to the pups with a higher energy level and see where your pooch is the most comfortable.

Don’t be nervous about this!! Temperament testing shows us what type of environment your dog likes best! In very rare cases, it allows us to separate and screen out animals that can be harmful or dangerous to your beloved pup.

We know dogs can be nervous on their initial visit so we won’t hold that against them. With some patience, understanding, and some yummy treats… they will be yanking the leash through our parking lot in no time!

Required Immunizations

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella
  • Fecal Exam

Please call us at (732)939-0008 to set up a temperament test for your special pup.

Use the link below to create an account prior to their testing date.


We are SO excited to meet you!