The Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

We love seeing our clients all clean after a fresh groom, and so do their parents. There is nothing better that seeing your pup with a nice haircut and feeling their soft clean fur. But grooming a dog is not just about looks, it is about health, too! Here we discuss some of the important reasons to keep your doggy clean and neat as often as possible. Grooming your dog is important because it benefits their mental state, their behavior, their health, and the people around them.

Mental Statedog

When a dog is left dirty, their entire personality can change. With excess hair and nails, or dirty eyes or feet, or with knotted hair, a dog can become agitated or withdrawn.  For example if a dog’s hair is overgrown and its nails are overgrown, then  the extra weight of the hair on the dogs body or the nails causing discomfort on the feet will give the dog difficulty when walking, which can be quite frustrating. In short, dogs that feel unclean will begin to feel unclean and neglected. After they are cleaned, however, they will act much more lively and happy, and they will feel ready to play or go for a walk. A clean dog is happy dog!


white dogIn addition to their mood, a dog’s behavior can also be affected by their level of hygiene. A dog that can move freely and easily is more likely to be happier and act like their normal self. A dog with overgrown hair and nails may be less likely to run or play because it is more stressful on them, and will choose to take their energy out in other less positive ways, such as making noise, chewing, or in some cases turning the agitation into aggression. In another example, we sometimes see dogs that have hair on their faces that blocks or impairs their vision. This can cause a dog to become fearful or aggressive because they cannot use their senses the way they were supposed to. The goal is to keep the dog clean and their hair and nails manageable so that they can live actively and engage in positive behavior

Health and Hygiene

Beyond the mental and behavioral benefits of keeping your puppy clean, there are also health issues that can be black dogeasily prevented by regular grooming. For example, by simply trimming the dog’s nails on a regular basis, we can prevent overgrown nails from causing arthritis and pain when walking. Overgrown nails can also become cracked or break off, which is painful to the dog and could lead to infection and other serious health problems. Regarding the dog’s hair, the hair itself can become knotted or matted when uncut, which can be very painful to the dog and can lead to more serious skin issues. They can even be painful to remove when grooming, but can be avoided with regular grooming and brushing. Grooming the dog regularly can also reduce the chances of fleas and ticks, and make them easier to find.

Benefits to the Owner

Prioritizing your dog’s hygiene is important to your dog’s health and well being first and foremost. However, it can kid with dogalso make life with your dog much easier for you and your human family members. A clean dog will be much happier and better behaved, which will allow you to enjoy more things with them. They will also be easier to introduce to new people and guests in the house. A dirty dog can also bring ticks, fleas, bugs, parasites, and germs into the home that can negatively affect the dog and its family. You will also avoid future vet bills by preventing diseases such as skin issues, ear infections, and joint problems that can be easily prevented by regular grooming. Overall, it is easy to see that grooming your dog and maintaining their hygiene is a win-win for the puppy and puppy parents!


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