I have passion for all animals! I discovered this passion as soon as I could start walking. I would chase any dog down to give tons of hugs and kisses. I knew my life would not be complete unless I started being around dogs as much as possible. Originally I wanted to own a child daycare center but after owning a fitness business for children, I moved on to my next passion in life. The thought came to mind to open a dog daycare. I honestly thought it was a silly idea considering this idea came me in 2006 (before daycare for dogs was a “thing”) but then I started researching it and found out in fact, this is a great business idea!! It took me many years of fighting the township to start my business but then I finally opened my doors in 2011 and live my dream every single day.
We do our best to always give back to the community and to foster dogs in need. We have saved over 40 dogs from shelters and found them amazing homes. It’s something my employees and I take great pride in. Our customers become our family. It truly is such a gift from God to be around such sweet animals all day long.