Why do we require a temperament test before your dog stays with us?

Safety! We want to make sure all of the dogs in our care are safe and are comfortable. After looking over your filled out application and shot records we get started.

During the temperament test we first let your dog get comfortable in one of our indoor or outdoor play yards. Once they have sniffed around and seem like they are ready to play we will introduce a very easy going dog to them and see how your dog reacts with a fence as a barrier between the dogs. If the body language is ok, we will introduce them. A lot goes into this process and all employees are trained extensively in pointing out body language that we would not consider play. Once that interaction goes smoothly we slowly do this until they meet the entire pack. If a dog shows any signs of aggression we would not accept that dog and the test would be over at that point.

If you have a shy dog we do not want to overwhelm them and put them in with a large group of dogs so we will usually stop introducing the new dog to the other pack dogs after 2-3 dogs. The shy dogs would still be accepted if they seem comfortable in our environment. If they do not seem comfortable and are shaking or hide in a corner we would notify the parent that this may not be the best facility for their individual dog.

We do not discriminate on size or what type of breed your dog is. We take pride in our temperament testing and make sure it is done slowly and safely each and every time. If your dog is doing great, once he/she is introduced to the pack you will receive a picture text message with your dog in action