What is a temperament test? Why do you require one?

A temperament test is a simple evaluation process that we use to determine whether or not your dog will have a positive experience when attending our facility for boarding or daycare. Every dog that stays with us has passed the temperament test.

Temperament tests will be conducted by appointment only during an available time slot during business hours at Puppy Paradise. They last approximately two hours. For information on the details of the temperament test, please click here.

Temperament tests are conducted for safety and wellness purposes. We want to ensure all of the dogs in our care are both secure and comfortable. We also like to get to know your dog as an individual and discover their unique preferences, body language, and social skills.

We do not discriminate based on the size or the breed of the dog. We take pride in our temperament testing procedures and make sure it is done slowly and safely each time. Parents are kept updated via text message during the temperament test process.