At Puppy Paradise, our temperament test is a simple, multi-step evaluation process that we use to determine whether or not your dog will have a positive experience when attending our facility for boarding or daycare. Every dog that stays with us has passed the temperament test. This is a FREE evaluation. We have listed the steps in detail below.

Step 1:

Scheduling Your Dog’s Temperament Test
Ok, so your pup needs a place to stay. Time to schedule a temp test! In order to schedule your dog’s temperament test, please call or text Puppy Paradise at 732-939-0008. You are also welcome to schedule in person, but keep in mind that the dog will not be allowed in the facility unless the temperament test appointment is made in advance.

Step 2:

In addition to your furry friend, there are some important papers you will need with you for your temp test apppintment.

#1 Shot Records
Our facility requires up-to-date shots for Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies. Please check your copy to ensure that all of these shots are given and up to date. Bring a hard copy of these records with you in person to the temperament test. We will make a copy and return your copy immediately.
*Not all vets will give Bordetella automatically, some may need you to request it.

#2. Application from Website. (Found Here)*
Our application can be found in multiple places on our website, including our home page and the link above. Please your time and read through each page carefully and fill it out accordingly. We want to know everything about your dog so that they can be as comfortable and happy as possible during their stay. If you have any questions regarding the Application, please call or text Puppy Paradise at 732-939-0008.

Step 3:

At this point, you will come to the Puppy Paradise facility with your dog, the shot record, and the application. You will meet with our staff and briefly review the paperwork and make copies of the shot record. If your dog has a break-away neck collar, please bring it as it is the most ideal for off-leash play. If not, bring the collar that the dog wears normally and we will lend them one of our collars for the test. At this point, the owners will leave the dog for the evaluation and will return when notified by a Puppy Paradise representative.

Step 4:

Meet and Greet
During this step, a Puppy Paradise representative will give the dog a tour of one of our play areas while the dog is on leash. This will allow the dog to sniff around, go potty, and take some time to get comfortable. It also allows our employees to pet the dog, make them feel welcome, and get an idea of the dogs body language and personal preferences.

Step 5:

Dog Introductions
Once the dog has sniffed around and seems generally comfortable with the staff and facility, we can begin slowly introducing them to the other dogs. Firstly, your dog and one of our best-behaved dogs will observe each other through the fence so that we may observe the body language. Our employees are experienced and trained to identify body signals, and will be keeping close supervision throughout this process. Once we determine the situation is safe, we will introduce the dogs on-leash. If this goes well we will repeat this several times with other dogs. If all goes well, we will allow the dog to interact with the pack and eventually send pictures and updates to the parents.

Step 6:

The Pick-Up
Approximately 2 hours after the beginning of the test, parents will have been notified whether or not their dog has passed and will arrive to pick them up. At this point, assuming the dog has passed the temperament test, the dog’s parents may schedule upcoming daycare, boarding, or baths, and then take the dog home.


If your dog is a “shy dog” do not let that deter your from scheduling a temperament test. We realize that all dogs are not social butterflies, especially in new situations. As long as we can determine that the dog is comfortable in the environment and can co-exist with a small group of dogs his/her size, there is still a good chance they will be accepted.
If your dog is elderly and does not like to play all-out, do not be deterred from scheduling a temperament test. As above, as long as we can determine that the dog is comfortable in the environment and can co-exist with a small group of dogs his/her size, there is still a good chance they will be accepted.
– We typically do not accept puppies under 4 months of age. Most pups do not have their shots at this age and have a higher chance of passing disease.
– We do not discriminate based on the size or the breed of the dog. We take pride in our temperament testing procedures and make sure it is done slowly and safely each time. Parents are kept updated via text message during the temperament test process.