5 Day Course(How to Own a Successful Dog Daycare & Overnight Facility )

I wish I found classes like this before I started my dog daycare center. It would have saved me years of doing things wrong, spending money on flooring, fencing, etc that just do NOT work. In this course you will learn absolutely everything you will need to open a dog daycare/overnight boarding from soup to nuts! You will come away from this course fully equipped to make all the right decisions and cut out any needless spending. I offer a 5 day course at my facility in Monroe, NJ. You will get hands on experience and see the day to day operations for all 5 days. A package of everything we use in our daycare center will go home with you.

Bonus Package included in the 5 day course

  • Fanny pack equipped with everything your employees need to break
    up or prevent a fight
  • Books & materials that have helped me along the way
  • Employee manual
  • Employee descriptions
  • Complete guide to running your business from A-Z
  • CD with all forms you will ever need. All you have to do is change
    your business name on them
  • An application that covers you legally that can be edited to put in your company information
Day 1 – Introduction
  • Proper licensing and regulations for your state
  • Demographics
  • What you will need to start your business
  • Insurance needed
  • Rent vs. Own
  • PetExec software to manage your daycare
  • Building relationships with your local Vets
  • Learn why joining networking groups is important
  • How to get your customers to refer your services
  • What advertising works for this type of business
  • Website & social media
  • Setting prices
  • Supplies needed
  • Employees. How to keep them, train them, background checks, etc
Day 2
  • Basic canine behavior
  • How to introduce dogs properly
  • How to properly conduct temperament tests
  • Maintaining control over the dogs
  • Keeping a balanced pack
  • Preventing fights
  • How to properly break up fights if they occur
Day 3
  • Morning and afternoon routines
  • Cleaning procedures and products
  • How to prevent disease
  • Learn about all diseases that can spread
  • Customer satisfaction/Retention
Day 4 & 5
  • Apply everything you have learned. Hands on day to day operations